Reviewing your guests so other rental owners can make the best decision to allow them to stay.

Hello, fans. This blog will be based on leaving reviews but these aren’t reviews your guests leave about you, they are about the reviews you leave about your guests! Did you know that you can leave reviews about the people that use your home? Yup! Many vacation rental web sites allow and encourage reviews so future property owners know whether or not the people staying should actually be there.

There are several points to hit on when leaving a review about your guests. A one sentence review doesn’t quite cut it. There should be a little depth to your words. Some key spots to cover in your review include whether or not your property was left clean, within reason. Do we think they should make their beds? …. No. But renters shouldn’t be leaving wine bottles all over the house and food on the counter. That falls under common courtesy.  The biggest part to review is whether or not your house was respected. Was a faucet broken? Hardwood floor nicked? Did the neighbors call you to complain? If so, these are definitely important things to add to your review. Future homeowners need to see that the people renting were (or weren’t) responsible and respectful.

Something else you can consider, especially if the people renting from you are new vacation home renting is the fact that you can pretty much let them off with a warning and not ruin a new reputation if warranted. In addition to having your review made public on their profile, you are given the option of sending feedback to them privately in lieu of or in addition to the public’s viewing. If there were little annoyances not necessarily requiring a public review, then the private message route is the way to go. This way maybe they will learn better etiquette for the future and you potentially spared them a blemish on their profile. A win-win all around.

At the end of the day it is ultimately your decision whether you leave a good or bad review or whether you even leave one at all. When leaving a review, we hope that you be thoughtful and inciteful. Your review may do a lot of service for other property owners around the world. If you need a little help writing a review, don’t worry. Airbnb has a list of templates and ideas on their site to help give some inspiration to your review.

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