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Set Your Cleaning Company up to Succeed

Whether you are new to having a cleaning company take over the household chores or you have been using a specific person or company for years, these are some tips to help your cleaner help you. Having the necessary tools and resources available will allow your cleaner to be more effective at his/her job.  We all like things to be a certain way and there is nothing wrong with that. Let’s look at the basics. One sure fire way to make sure your cleaning person does things your way is to lead by example. We don’t mean get on the floor and clean with them but give them a walking tour of your house, office, etc and show them what you would like cleaned and how often.  Have a lot of things or areas to be cleaned?  A great supplement is to provide a check list. Having a defined set of guidelines allow the person to run through quickly to make sure every box is checked this way you don’t have to be compelled to stick around for the cleaning as the checklist will take care of that for you.