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To AirbNb or not to AirbNb

A popular topic that comes to mind when dealing with residential or business cleaning is AirBnb. While loaning out your home for others to enjoy might sound like a great idea, there are multiple scenarios that you have to play out in your head. One of the biggest things to consider if you are venturing into the Airbnb world is "what do I do when I live so far from the property that I am renting"? Having a good team on hand to handle the upkeep, maintenance and overall checks of the facility is absolutely essential.  A problem we see all the time is that guests don't confirm their arrival/departure times. Having somebody locally to keep in communication with can lock/unlock doors, give access codes, and make sure your place is up to snuff. This is especially important during peak travel times where you have a check out/check in going on in the same day. You do not want to keep your guests waiting for hours. Hey, who knew there would be a nice tail wind today? Co