To AirbNb or not to AirbNb

A popular topic that comes to mind when dealing with residential or business cleaning is AirBnb. While loaning out your home for others to enjoy might sound like a great idea, there are multiple scenarios that you have to play out in your head. One of the biggest things to consider if you are venturing into the Airbnb world is "what do I do when I live so far from the property that I am renting"? Having a good team on hand to handle the upkeep, maintenance and overall checks of the facility is absolutely essential. 

A problem we see all the time is that guests don't confirm their arrival/departure times. Having somebody locally to keep in communication with can lock/unlock doors, give access codes, and make sure your place is up to snuff. This is especially important during peak travel times where you have a check out/check in going on in the same day. You do not want to keep your guests waiting for hours. Hey, who knew there would be a nice tail wind today?

Consider this situation -  you have a gorgeous house with all of the modern amenities that anyone could ever ask for. The guests that you have coming over are into clean marble counter tops, hospital bed corners and toilet paper folded into a "V". The problem is that the person or company you have now doesn't take the necessary steps to make sure these little details aren't overlooked. When we handle the cleaning of any home, office, or any place, it boils down to the details. An experienced company like Condos to Castles will, without question, make sure the little things are not overlooked. Might seem small to you but in the eyes of a renter its all in the details and what could take you from a 4-star to a 5-star review. 

Many Airbnb guests try and sneak in their pets whether large or small. If you have a strict no pets policy, it takes a team locally to look for the tell tale signs that a pet was present. By being out of the area or not available to check on the property, you may not know that the carpet was stained, hard wood damaged, etc. An experienced cleaning company will be able to spot the signs that Fido was present. Keep in mind, too, that in many cases, your liability insurance doesn't cover pet damage. 

Ahhh...the old linen crisis. Did you know that when people rent an airbnb they tend to use more towels than they would at home? Why? Glad you asked. Answer is simple... because they can. Nah, that's not why but it could be because of things like inviting friends over to visit, your place is in a beach area and they took towels to the beach, or maybe they love your shower and want to take multiple showers. Having a crew on hand to provide daily washings if necessary is key. Not only can we handle the cleaning when the stay is over but we can also stop in daily to handle things like washing linens, changing bed sheets, etc. 

Given the scenario that a couple is getting married and is visiting from a different state; they decide to have a bachelor/bachelorette party in the home. You had no idea that this was going to happen and now your stuck. You can call on your trusty cleaning company to take action and ensure that your property is the way you want it. We are available to provide pictures, take inventory and assist in any way that we can. 

A question that we see all the time is how does Airbnb help with such problems? While they are more than willing to jump in and help in almost all situations, there are many instances that leave you to deal with local authorities and the renter itself. Airbnb may or may not provide compensation to you. It's all about risk and when you have a team on your side, we can conquer this together. 

With all of that said, it is crucial to have a team available that you can trust to handle the day to day while you are away. As Airbnb owners ourselves,  the team at Condos to Castles Cleaning has what it takes to make sure your house, apartment, condo or castle are running smoothly and any issues are handled immediately.


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