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Laundry Becoming An Issue?

Whether you are new to having a cleaning service at your rental home or are a seasoned user, there are some things to keep in mind to make your experience both a positive and worthwhile one.  While there are so many facets of a vacation rental property, one piece of the puzzle is LAUNDRY.  When hiring a cleaning service to manage the housekeeping aspect of your rental know that laundry can be VERY time consuming and costly to both owner and cleaning service.  The price you are quoted, more than likely, will include a load of laundry while the actual cleaning and next guest preparation in underway; however, laundry can certainly slow down a service that is on the move since so many vacation rentals have sensitive/strict same day check out/in timeframes. Many cleaning companies allow a certain amount of time to a job before heading off to the next. If you ask them to do the laundry that day, it may create a conflict for their schedule moving down the line. Typically, what wo

Reviewing your guests so next owners can make the best decision to allow them to stay

Hello, fans. This blog will be based on leaving reviews. But these aren’t reviews your guests leave about you, they are about the reviews you leave about your guest! Did you know that you can leave reviews about the people that use your home? Yup! Airbnb allows and encourages reviews so future Airbnb owners know whether or not the people staying should actually be there. There are several points to hit on when leaving a review about your guests. A one sentence review doesn’t quite cut it. There should be a little depth to your words. Some key spots to cover in your review include whether or not your property was left clean, within reason. Do we think they should make their beds? …. No. But renters shouldn’t be leaving wine bottles all over the house and food on the counter. That falls under common decency. HAHA! The biggest part to review is whether or not your house was respected. Was a faucet broken? Hardwood floor nicked? Neighbors call you to complain? If so, these are definitely i