Laundry Becoming An Issue?

Whether you are new to having a cleaning service at your rental home or are a seasoned user, there are some things to keep in mind to make your experience both a positive and worthwhile one.  While there are so many facets of a vacation rental property, one piece of the puzzle is LAUNDRY. 

When hiring a cleaning service to manage the housekeeping aspect of your rental know that laundry can be VERY time consuming and costly to both owner and cleaning service.  The price you are quoted, more than likely, will include a load of laundry while the actual cleaning and next guest preparation in underway; however, laundry can certainly slow down a service that is on the move since so many vacation rentals have sensitive/strict same day check out/in timeframes.

Many cleaning companies allow a certain amount of time to a job before heading off to the next. If you ask them to do the laundry that day, it may create a conflict for their schedule moving down the line. Typically, what would happen is the company would start the laundry on arrival and have it finished by time they are done cleaning but that certainly doesn’t mean that ALL of the laundry can be processed within the cleaning window and laundry MUST be processed to accommodate arriving guests.

When considering the towels and linens you will use at your rental, a great recommendation would be to purchase sheets that wash and dry faster than most. These can be purchased on Amazon or other linen sites. Another option, if you have the space and can do it, is to purchase 2 sets of washers and dryers.   A great option if space cramped, would be to purchase 2 stackables this way you can fit 2 units side by side in the laundry room and take up a little less space.  When selecting a washer/dryer set up for your location ensure that there is a speed cycle on both machines so that thee most laundry can be done while your cleaners are moving about the home in preparation.  We cannot stress enough how important multiple sets of sheets and towels are a necessity especially if your home accommodates 8+ visitors and pool or hot tub towels are involved. 
Another great option would be to purchase 2 to 3 sets of sheets for each room. That way the cleaning service that offers offsite laundering can perform your flip and be on the move, process laundry off location behind the scenes, and then bring it back on the next visit.   If your cleaning service cannot handle offsite laundering, the option is always there for your service to drop off laundry at a local laundry mat and pick up next visit.
If laundry is to be done, be certain to provide detergent - liquid or pods, as well as dryer sheets, bleach and stain remover for your cleaning service.

At Condos to Castles, if you need your laundry completed, just let us know. We would be happy to accommodate you. 


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