Snow Removal and Winter Time Tips

     Wintertime check ins are especially slow; however, this cold/snowy factor should NOT limit one from keeping their rental property plowed, shoveled and salted. For a guest and the cleaning crew it is inconvenient and unsafe to have to trek through the snow. Diligence is key to positive reviews from guests and perhaps more importantly, maintaining the safety of those entering your vacation rental should be on the top of the list. So, from your friendly housekeepers, keep your plow service number on hand and make sure to have plenty of salt and/or ice melting product available to keep the positivity rolling in (NOT slipping in). It is also important to have a snow shovel on the property, if not one by every access door.
     Also, a playful tip for winter is to have sleds for your younger guests (or not so young guests) on hand, or any fun snow items you can think of. This shows an element of fun and consideration that really would go a long way for guests traveling far and wide (especially to those who do not live where it snows); it also helps your rental to be selected over another nearby.
      In closing, your vacation rental needs to be safe before guests should be considered for staying there. Keep this rule front and center and everything will be smooth sledding from there.


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