Children and Vacation Rentals

As a vacation rental property owner there are a variety of things that you have to juggle. Dealing with renters that have children can be tricky and open one up to liability issues if we are not diligent.  We have some tips to help keep your property protected and running smoothly without having to turn away guests with children. 

The vacation rental market is huge. More and more families are looking to rent homes than staying in hotels. Here are some things that you can do to protect your property.  Do you offer the luxury of a pool? Pool toys can lead to a fun time had by all. It’s a good idea to use larger floats, rafts, or built in toys like basketball nets and diving boards. Smaller toys tend to get lost, stuck in a filter and when it gets windy, the guest shouldn’t have to chase down a bunch of little things nor do we want these things winding up in your neighbor’s yard.

An idea for you as the homeowner would be to have a toybox in a closet with some fun playthings for children of all ages. Why? This would give you the upper hand for more bookings as you could definitely market yourself as a “family friendly” or “child friendly” home.  A suggestion would be to not have toys that contain small pieces as this poses a choking hazard and definitely no play dough or finger paints. You don’t need stuff stuck to your walls and furniture. Maybe even a few DVD’s for a rainy day where the pool can’t be used. DVD’s should always be kept in their sleeves to minimize scratches and mismatched cases. 

If you are going to move forward and market your vacation property as child friendly, here are some additional tips which may help you save some headache down the road. Smaller children that are learning potty training techniques may accidentally wet the bed. It can and does happen. Mattress protectors on maybe 1 or two beds in the house may be the perfect solution or plenty of extra sheets. Plastic safety guards for cupboards and staircases are super easy to install and take off between stays. Outlet covers are a must!  You should know ahead of time if children will be staying. Offering a pack n’ play and a highchair are lovely accommodations.

Always listen to your guests. If they can provide recommendations to help future guests, be sure to listen to them. Marketing yourself from the start as a child friendly rental is by far the best place to start and you would have the satisfaction in knowing that memories for many families will be made in your home and your property will remain liability free.


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