Digital Home Locking Systems

As a seasoned vacation rental owner or Airbnb host, there are different options when it comes to keeping your property secure when you are not around. Whether you are a traditional key type of person or are interested in the latest wireless controlling devices, there is a little bit of everything out there to fit your needs and style. 

With the many locking systems on the market, there comes a slew of benefits to both the homeowner and the renter. You no longer need to leave a key under the mat and wonder if it will be there for your next guest or the prospect of losing it. You can now allow your renters access to your home using different smart phone apps. You can set the times they have access and voila! All done. Many of these apps offer a tracking system in which you can see what time the dog walker arrives, what time your guests got there or what time the cleaning company got to your house. A win-win all around. 

Let’s take a look at some of the smart home technology currently on the market. One top of the line and overall best companies out there is called August. August has a variety of services and options that will allow you to control and see how often the entrances to your home are being used. Programs such as this are super secure and safe and offer up a two-factor authentication and a two-layer encryption. Did you lose your phone? No problem. August will tell you where it is! Whether you like simple or more advanced locking systems, August provides options for you to choose from. For example, they offer a mart locking system in which your phone acts as the key and can be controlled from Amazon Alexa or other platforms or they offer up just a basic system that works remote with Bluetooth. Choice is yours. Programs like this show you when a door is opened from anywhere in the world. Rest assured knowing that your guests, cleaning company, or house sitter have the access needed and at the times you allow. 

In today’s tech age, more and more guests carry a smart phone and use it in many aspects of life and with having an app on hand that controls the locks in your place would be seen as a benefit. No more keys and it would be one less thing they would have to take with them to the beach, or out to dinner. These locks offer a dual system. Say your clientele doesn’t use smart phones. No problem. Many of these smart locks offer a pin pad in which you can set the code and they can enter it on the doors pin pad. Again, no lost keys, or the prospect of the key getting into the wrong hands. It would be easy to shut the system down at the push of a button should you feel the system is compromised. 

As we approach the rental property season, check out the variety of options on the market for securing your home. There are many options to fit your budget, clientele and overall needs. Don’t just settle on just any system. There are plenty out there for your consideration. 


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