Set Your Cleaning Company up to Succeed

Whether you are new to having a cleaning company take over the household chores or you have been using a specific person or company for years, these are some tips to help your cleaner help you. Having the necessary tools and resources available will allow your cleaner to be more effective at his/her job. 

We all like things to be a certain way and there is nothing wrong with that. Let’s look at the basics. One sure fire way to make sure your cleaning person does things your way is to lead by example. We don’t mean get on the floor and clean with them but give them a walking tour of your house, office, etc and show them what you would like cleaned and how often.  Have a lot of things or areas to be cleaned?  A great supplement is to provide a check list. Having a defined set of guidelines allow the person to run through quickly to make sure every box is checked this way you don’t have to be compelled to stick around for the cleaning as the checklist will take care of that for you. 

Another huge area to touch on is the fact that some homeowners or business owners like to use their own supplies instead of what the cleaner brings with them. This is particularly important if you have allergies or want certain “green” cleaners. Rest assured, at Condos to Castles we take green cleaning very seriously and always strive to use the best on the market; we have one client who requests we only use a vinegar/water mix throughout the home!   If you have allergies to certain products, please make sure you mention that to the person who comes to your home or business. 

Are you an airBnB owner or are you never home when the cleaning team comes to tidy up? Not to worry! A problem many cleaners face is that keys and other access codes are not readily available for their time slot. A way to help save time and frustration is to leave a key in a mutual spot or provide an access code to gain access to the home or establishment. 

Hopefully, these tips will serve as a reminder of just some of the ways your cleaning team can work as efficiently and professionally as possible for you. Above all else, have faith in them. They want to be there when you need them most and perform to your expectations. When in doubt, just ask them. We are attaching a handy little check sheet you can give your crew to help them succeed.

Cleaning checklist​ 
Completed by:__________________ Date: ___________ 
  •  all stains pre-treated with stain remover 
  •  all sheets and towels washed with bleach, detergent, and softener 
  •  all sheets & towels fully dried 
  •  all sheets & towels folded and put away (refer to the housekeeping manual for 
folding directions and linen closet organization if needed) 
  •  wipe washer & dryer after laundry is completed 
  •  clean lint trap in dryer 
All bedrooms: 
  •  all sheets replaced and washed (including duvet covers)
  •  all beds set per standards (refer to housekeeping manual for bed setting standards if 
  •  no towels (clean or dirty) should be left in closets 
  •  dust/wipe side tables 
  •  dust baseboards & heaters 
  •  vacuum floors 
Bedroom with crib​ ​(in addition to all other bedroom tasks):
wash and set crib sheets (only if needed)dust/wipe accent table & decor items 
Loft bedroom with desk​ ​(in addition to all other bedroom tasks): 
dust/wipe desk, computer, printer, accent table 
  •  clean shower/tub (wipe faucet handles, put shower curtain back inside the tub) 
  •  clean toilet (use bowl cleaner every time) 
  •  wipe counter, sink, faucets, and shelves 
  •  wipe mirrors 
  •  set bathroom amenities per standards (refer to housekeeping manual for bathroom amenities setting standards if needed) 
  •  set fres hand towel per standards (refer to housekeeping manual for bathroom hand towel setting standards if needed) 
  •  set toilet paper roll per standards (refer to housekeeping manual for toilet paper roll setting standards if needed) 
  •  dust/wipe vanity shelves & baseboards 
  •  stock additional toilet paper rolls under vanity if needed (2-6 rolls) 
  •  set trash cans with new bags (place back on appropriate spot - left side of toilet bowl) 
  •  vacuum floors 
  •  wet swiffer floors 
  •  vacuum stairs 
  •  wet swiffer stairs (if needed) 
  •  dust ledge/shelf, trim boards and railing (balusters and base) 
windex windows (if needed)dust wall shelves & decor items dust TV and magazine tablewipe/dust chairswipe coffee tablewipe side tablesvacuum couch and fluff pillows vacuum floor & rugmop floors 
Dining room: 
wipe tabledust chairsdust baseboards and heaters vacuum floors & rugmop floors 
wipe all appliances refrigerator 
outside stove 
inside (if needed) 
outside microwave 
outside dishwasher 
outside wipe counters + sink 
wipe upper and lower cabinets from any spills/smudges/stains wipe mirrordust baseboards & heatersremove garbage and set new bags in both trash cans 
vacuum floors & rug mop floors 
Before leaving: 



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