The in's and out's of Airbnb ownership

Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, and the like, are all no longer rarely heard of or new to the way that people travel; instead, these are becoming common household names when folks get ready to travel AND/OR when people consider affording a second home and having the second mortgage covered - in some instances, folks are making income on their well sort after properties.  This being said, the competition in a given area is becoming fierce.  How do you make your property stand out???  Well of course 5 star reviews are paramount but these days more is needed.  Special touches are becoming more prevalent.  For example, keep your property as spotless as possible. At Condos to Castles, we pride ourselves in being readily available to any request that an AirbNb owner or guest may need. If you are a homeowner that lives nearby and can visit the property between visits, it’s a refreshing sight to see little notes left for your guests. It could be something simple as your favorite area restaurant or a small thank you note. Something that makes your property feel warm and inviting. 

Sometimes, it is important to reverse roles for a second and put yourself in the guests’ shoes. What would they like? For starters, keeping your pics fresh, and vibrant will surely make them attracted to your listing. Have they booked already? If it is coming close to guest arrival, send them an email with some tips of the area, restaurant ideas, etc. Just another warm and personal touch to make their stay even better. We have seen hosts leave a fresh pineapple and bananas out on the counter displayed handsomely along with individual mini cartons of OJ in the fridge.  We have seen flowers and a small box of chocolates left for arriving guests and we have even seen fresh cut logs by the fireplace and some fresh dog cookies laid out on a fresh dog bed should the guest include "Fido".  From tea and coffee bars to candy bars, these are the things that will keep your place looking the most inviting.

There are a few no-no’s when it comes to renting out an Airbnb. One of the biggest complaints by far is when the fridge makes noise. Noisy fridges tend to distract and take away from the ambiance. Spend a few bucks to ensure noisy appliances are up to snuff and you will see a rise in positive reviews. When it comes to pests and home abatement, it is wise to have an exterminator come by periodically and perform checks. From spiders to bees, and that ant farm under the sink, guests don’t want dozens of pesky critters cramping their style. Lastly, that beeping battery in the smoke detector!

Get ready to think outside of the box when it comes to enticing future guests.  Depending on what time of year or perhaps you know their reason for travel, we can tailor each visit to be a little extra special so that your vacation rental is not passed up.


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